Kleen Crete, Inc.
"Where Experience Meets Opportunity"

Employment Application

So, You are looking for a challenging and rewarding career?

Then Kleen Crete is for you.  What we are looking for is the following:

Drug Free Staff.  We operate with the highest of standards.  Drug use is not tolerated. PERIOD.  Random drug test are performed, as well as in the event of any type of injury.  Any positive test results in immediate termination.

Integrity.  Adherence to moral and ethical principles; honesty.  Putting this in Pressure Washing terms is doing the right thing at all times.  Not just when you are being watched.  Do not cut corners or rush through jobs to get finished faster.  Kleen Crete is about building long term, long lasting relationships.  

Positive, Friendly Attitudes.  Having a positive attitude reflects on everyone.  You never know who you are dealing with.  The person walking around the parking lot or parking deck, in the middle of the night, while you are cleaning may just be the person that trust Kleen Crete with the work.  Treat everyone you come in contact with in positive ways while you are in Kleen (Clean) Crete uniform.

The Best.  Pressure Washing is a challenging path.  We offer our clients the best in every way, and this begins with our Cleaning Tech's.  If you are looking to be the very best, Kleen Crete is for you.  We offer a full benefits package and higher than average pay.