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Green Pressure Washing

Keeping our environment clean and healthy is a burden that rest on all of us.  This is no different with pressure washing parking decks and power washing sidewalks.  You will call us for the purpose of (but not limited to) removing oil buildup, removing dirt, grease and sludge removal, and gum removal with no damage.  What we will clean off of your surface must go somewhere.  Allowing the grease, oil, and toxins to be washed down the storm drain will have an adverse effect on us all.  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established the Clean Water Act (CWA).  More information can be found on the EPA's website concerning the CWABest Management Practices (BMP's) have been implemented by the EPA in order to hold us all accountable for the pollutants.  That is right!  You as the owner and / or manager of your location are responsible for what is entering your storm drains.  The fines  can be as high as $11,000 per day for not following the lawsnot to mention the harm to wildlife:

Keeping our waterways clean is a joint effort.
  Trust Kleen Crete to put you on the road to a clean and responsible pressure washing process.  Kleen Crete utilizes the highest quality products for ensuring that we are compliant with the strict EPA laws.  Our wash water recovery procedures include second to none, state of the art equipment that allows us to  Isolate, Collect, Transport, and Eliminate the used wash water.  

The Answer to this issue?
Kleen Crete's patented closed loop, clean and recovery system:
Kleen Crete, Inc. Utilizes the highest performing system that is offered on the market today.  Our closed loop pressure washing and reclaim unit allows us reclaim, reuse, and recycle used wash water.  Using a vacuum recovery surface cleaner (top photo, far right) allows us to isolate the pollutants and water to the area we are cleaning.  The vacuum system and 350 feet of vacuum hose allows for proper collection of all pollutants and water.  The initial tanks that the debris fall into are sand traps to allow for the heavy solids to separate from the water.  Before the used wash water leaves this series of tanks, the water has been filtered three times. Next comes the 30 gallon auto pump out drums.  To ensure maximum efficiency, the filth that we vacuum will go through not just one, but two of these tanks, again filtering two more times per tank. Next comes the oil water separator. Everything that is left will be ran through oil socks and oil pillows, filtering out the oil that was mixed into the water.  At this point the water has been filtered a minimum of 8 (eight) times.  Kleen (Clean) Crete takes the additional steps to ensure top quality pressure washing and filtering compliance, and for this very reason, we continue to filter the water through another series of 3 (three) more filters before either being properly disposed of or returning the filtered water back to our portable water tank for reuse (reducing the water consumption for the cleaning, saving the property money).  In the unlikely event that anything did escape the 11 previous filters, we also have equipped between the water tank and pressure washer another filter.  

After the job is completed, the used wash water will be transported to a county and / or city approved dump site and Kleen (Clean) Crete will provide you with proper documentation showing where the water was disposed of.

The incredible equipment that you see here will not only remove the headache about the pressure washing environmental compliance but will also keep the dirt off of your blacktop just off of the sidewalk.  Do not settle for what is seen in this photo, the pressure washing job is not complete until the dirt is clean from the surface.  Kleen Crete does not just rearrange your dirt, we remove it instantaneously.

As you can see here, you trust Kleen (Clean) Crete to not only perform a second to none commercial pressure washing for a premier Parking deck and parking Garage cleaning as well as a superior pressure washing of your shopping center and community sidewalk, but we also eliminate the headache of you having to micro manage your commercial power washing company and completely eliminate the hassles of the compliance of the EPA.  We are your one stop shop for commercial pressure cleaning with high pressure, hot water power washing and environmental compliance.

Allow Kleen Crete to provide you with High Pressure Washing and Hot Water power wash with the best wash water reclaim and recovery unit available and you will be thanking us next time you find yourself relaxing and enjoying the beach (and clean drinking water).