Kleen Crete, Inc.
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Professional Equipment

Providing Commercial Pressure Washing for Parking Deck and Parking Garage as well as shopping mall sidewalks and shopping plaza sidewalks requires the highest grade professional equipment.  Products that allow Hot Water, High Pressure for dirt, grime, oil, and grease removal, as well as High Pressure washers that allow for dialing back the pressure for low pressure building washing and low pressure gum removal is a must to provide a 
no damage pressure cleaning.  With the strict environmental pressure washing laws, Kleen Crete also utilize the most advanced reclaim and vacuuming equipment available on the market today.  We hold our employees and our equipment to the highest standards.  Your satisfactions is not only our guarantee, but it is our mission.

We operate multiple hot water power washing machines on our truck and or trailer mounted rigs  

Being trailer mounted means that we can provide the water for the cleaning, reducing the locations water consumption, saving more money with Kleen Crete, Inc.  Our second to none wash water recovery equipment is the best in the industry.  The engine driven pump, sand traps, and vacuuming surface cleaner allow us to provide you with a better clean than what you have been accustom to.  We will not just rearrange the dirt on your property, we will remove it instantaneously.

The complete power wash process not only requires the best pressure washers and environmental power wash equipment, it also demands high quality pressure washing surface cleaners.  Kleen Crete uses the best power washing surface cleaners.

The turbo twister surface cleaner is the only motorized surface cleaner today.  Using this machine allows Kleen Crete, to use all of the water flow and pressure for its intended purpose, cleaning.  On a standard surface cleaner, half of the water output is used for spinning the cleaning bar.  The motor on the Turbo Twister surface cleaner allows for accurate penetration to the surface by 100% of the water output as the motor spins the cleaning bar at a consistent speed.  The turbo twister is also equipped with wash water recovery making it an environmental power washing tool.  The vacuuming surface cleaner also allows for a superior pressure wash job with immediate and instant vacuuming abilities of all used wash water and all toxins removed in the cleaning process.  The big guy is a 28 inch path cleaning machine.  All of the surface cleaners here allow for a consistent clean 1/2 half and inch from the surface, removing dirt, grease, and oil with zero damage to your surface.

Pressure washing tips

Just as no two jobs are the same, neither should the same tip be used for every job.  Kleen Crete has on hand the standard tips, an x - jet for long range cleaning, and turbo nozzles.