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Shopping Center Cleaning

" The Procedures of Shopping Center Power Washing"

Regular and routine maintenance is a requirement for successful Shopping center management.  Kleen Crete offers the highest pressure washing and power washing standards in the Retail Sidewalk Cleaning Industry.  From Orlando, Fl to Charlotte, NC,  Savannah, GA to Birmingham Al, Atlanta, Georgia to Greenville, SC and everywhere in between, Kleen Crete is your premier Shopping Center Pressure Cleaning Company.  We service the following types of Centers: Neighborhood Shopping Centers, Super Regional Shopping Centers, Convenience Shopping Centers, Super Community Shopping Centers and Regional Shopping Centers. 

Being a mobile cleaning contractor with truck mounted equipment means we can travel to jobs, supply the water for the job, heat the water to over 200°, reclaim and recover the used wash water via our patented vacuum water equipment and reuse the filtered water.  Being able to reuse water will drastically reduce the centers water bill, saving you more money.

Cleaning Painted sidewalks requires specialized cleaning methods.  These cleaning procedures are instrumental in the accurate cleaning of the painted concrete with no damage to the surface.

Kleen Crete uses cleaning technology that will remove gum from your sidewalk with no damage.  Hot water, and low pressure effectively removes gum.  In addition to the power wash of your concrete, we also offer the following services:
Dumpster Pad Cleaning and De greasing
Awning and Canopy Cleaning
Sign Cleaning
Curb Cleaning
Window Cleaning and washing
Building Cleaning

If you are tired of having to manage your contractors, allow Kleen Crete to take the headache from you and offer you a stress free Superior Shopping Center Cleaning.  We do not just rearrange the dirt from your sidewalk and leave it on your windows or blacktop, we instantaneous recover it!

You hire a professional commercial power wash company that has years of experience to clean your sidewalks.  When a mess like the above is cleaned off your sidewalk but left on the black top, the street sweeper will not be able to vacuum this mess up for long periods of time.  This is not the street sweepers job.  You hire the pressure washer to clean the sidewalks, not to rearrange the dirt. 
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