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Kleen Crete, Inc.
"Where Experience Meets Opportunity"

Sidewalk Gum Removal

What is Kleen Crete Going To Do For Me?

Kleen Crete is going to remove your headaches about maintaining a clean and presentable facility!

Owning and or Managing your property is what you do best.  One of your duties for the property is maintaining the appearance to be at the very best it can me.  You have many other projects and responsibilities to take care of and this is why your choice of Kleen Crete to be your commercial pressure washing company is the best choice.  Kleen Crete specializes in sidewalk Pressure Cleaning, parking deck and garage pressure washing, gum removal, and doing all of this while staying environmentally compliant.  Trust Kleen Crete to handle all of your commercial power washing needs, removing your stress load and headache of having to micro manage the concrete cleaning and building washing process.  One Call and the job is complete. 

Kleen Crete is going to offer you the quality pressure washing that you have been looking for!

We offer you full time commercial pressure washing contractor services.  Power washing is not an "after the full time job" for us.  This is full time. Pressure Washing is what we do!  The employees and owners of Kleen Crete feed their families by pressure washing.  It is in our best interest to be the best at what we offer, not only does your facility demand it, our families expect it.  Your cleaning is far more important than a "clean and run" mentality to us, we are going to give each and every job that you now trust Kleen Crete to do, the time and attention that it deserves.  

We are your One Stop Shop for your Power Washing services!

We are not a "jack of all trades, and master of nothing".  Although we do network with street sweepers, landscapers, commercial roofers, and other contractors, we only offer pressure washing services.  If you need a project preformed that requires handyman services and painting services in addition to Professional Pressure Washing, we can take care of you through our network.  We have over 10 years of pressure washing experience and work harder to stay ahead of the curve with the latest in Power Washing.  

Your Ready To Get Set Up On A Regular Power Washing Maintenance Plan.  Now What?

Contact Kleen Crete Now to give you the opportunity to increase your occupancy!  Commonly the Parking Deck pressure washing is done two times per year and a shopping center sidewalk cleaning power wash is performed four times per year.  If your cleaning frequencies are different from the above, contact us so we can talk about what you need.  We are here for you! 

Perfection is aimed for, Excellence is tolerated. We know you have a choice when selecting a reliable power washing company. Kleen Crete strives to be the best commercial power washers in our industry. This allows us to provide the best commercial pressure wash business contractor possible for the superior pressure washing and power washing
services we provide.  Contact us to Experience the Kleen Crete Difference!