Kleen Crete, Inc.
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Guaranteed Pressure Wash

Kleen Crete Guarantees quality and satisfaction on all work performed.  

* You will know when your work will be performed.  If work has to be rescheduled due to uncontrollable circumstances (inclement weather, for example) you will be notified as soon as possible.

*  Kleen Crete will use damage free soaps, pressure washing processes, and machines. 

*  Kleen Crete will go above and beyond expectations to satisfy our customers, who we commonly refer to as our partner.

*  Kleen Crete uses environmentally safe power washing practices and procedures.   

*  We believe you, our partner, deserve the very best.  Kleen Crete will offer you the best every time, not just the first time.  Consistency is the key.  We are going to offer you A plus pressure washing.  We will earn the grade every time.

Count on Kleen Crete to offer you premier pressure washing service with a stress free, headache free guanantee.  You expect the best.  It is time you get the best.