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Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking decks are often someone's first impression of your facility. The importance of maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing work environment specifically in parking deck and other high- traffic areas, has created a new challenge for our experienced pressure washing and power washing technicians. With our customized and environmental power washing friendly techniques and equipment, Kleen Crete is able to remove and filter harmful toxins from your pavement surfaces before they are washed into our delicate waterways by rainfall.  Kleen Crete, are Atlanta's premier Parking deck and parking Garage cleaning specialists.  Single level or multi level parking facilities are one of Kleen Crete's specialties.  Contact us today for a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.  Small single level parking garages to large multi story parking decks are where we focus much attention to detail and can attain satisfaction that is unmatched in the industry.  Contact us today for a cleaner and brighter tomorrow.

We are committed to quality the first time, every time and strive to maintain a continuing relationship with our clients. We offer free estimates, professional quality work and a fully insured business. 

Providing the pressure washing parking decks and power washing of parking garages that you are looking for is our specialty.  We offer taylor pressure washing plans for the power washing of parking decks all though out our service area as well as all states lining the east coast.  This is often times a semi annual cleaning, and we are equipped and staffed with the proper equipment, personnel, and chemicals to get the project done right.